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Structural Steel Estimation

Structural Steel Estimation

Structural steel estimation is an important process and procedure in structural steel Projects & construction.

What is a steel estimator?

A Steel Estimator determines factors like
  1. Quantity of Steel
  2. Budgets for the Project 

The Standard Steel Estimation Procedure Structural steel is generally measured by weight & cost is charged, we need to have good knowledge on a few of the following things like, what structural sections are used for each section to construct an estimate. Things to be considered while Steel estimation 

• Prepare your steel project by identifying the steel grade. 

• Group material according to section/member type. 

• Follow, group by tied connection method. 

• structural steel should be grouped based on material located on the project. 

• Always Maintain specific sequence by columns & details. 

• Specify required beams & details as per floor. 

• Plan quantities for bracing & flooring. 

• estimate the quantities required by connectors, accessories & plates.


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