Structural steel detailing

About Our Company

Structural Steel Works


Steady & rapid growth in steel Industries & with extensive utilization of Structural Steel Works in elevated building structures, Material Handling, oil and gas plants, mechanical and business projects.

Steel Integrity LLC started itself to cater & deliver best services for Concrete Detailing, steel estimation works, 3D Modelling, and shop designing services.

it is one of the companies with detailed estimation of steel in the USA.

The Corporate Office is located at Fredericksburg Rd, of THE UNITED STATES, in the city of Farmington Hills, MI and it is one of the best companies in the USA that of steel industries and structural designing.

Steel Integrity LLC; Expertise in Design & Detailing different steel structures which includes: –
• commercial buildings including Airports, Chemical companies, Oil Companies, Steel and power plants.
• Misc. steel structures includes works like ducting, joists, cladding, railing & stairs.
• Fixed Platforms
• Communication Towers, bridges & Traffic Structures & Rebar detailing Services.


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